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3rd November 2023

From Adventures to Racing

After six years as Runaway Adventures, we are officially relaunching as Runaway Racing.

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On 9th July 2017, standing outside Pret at Euston station we were searching for Pete, an Australian tourist who had unexpectedly become the sole attendee of our very first adventure, a trip to Tring for a 10 mile run and a pub lunch.

Back then the mission was simple, get out of London at the weekend, find a decent trail and sample the rural Sunday roast scene. We did this, month in, month out, and a lot of fun it was.

A few years into this and with the encouragement from the community we went out on a limb and decided to schedule our first race, the Chiltern Ridge 50K on May 11th 2019. It was a daunting prospect and at the time felt like an enormous accomplishment to get the permissions in place and to have 150 runners signed-up.

Fast forward to today and we have just finished our 24th race! It's been a story of many ups and downs but reflecting back the overwhelming feeling is positive and it's been a delight to have so many runners take on our races, often in challenging conditions.

As we prepare for next year we felt the time has come to update our name and branding. With that I'd like to officially welcome you to Runaway Racing.

The adventures and pub lunches will always continue but races are at the heart of what we do and we can't wait for the next one.

See you on the trails again soon.

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Our trail running races

Greensand Country 50K 50km - 26th May 2024
Chiltern Ridge Half Marathon 21.2km - 16th June 2024
Dunstable Downs Half Marathon 21.2km - 14th July 2024
Suffolk Coastal Path 50K 50km - 14th September 2024
North Chilterns 50K 50km - 13th October 2024
Chiltern Ridge Winter 50K 50km - 16th November 2024
Chiltern Hills Invitational 10km - 8th December 2024
Chiltern Ridge Ultra 50K 50km - 5th April 2025
Hughenden Trail 10K 10K - Spring 2025 (TBC)
Chiltern Hills 100K 100k - 26th April 2025
Tewinbury Trail 10K 10km - 8th June 2025

Past results & photos

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