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Race timing

Our custom race timing product is the perfect solution for trail running races of up to 500 participants.

The system uses custom NFC wristbands which can be scanned by a compatible smart phone or tablet using our iOS/Android app, making the system portable and extremely flexible.

Once scanned, runners can track their progress in real time using our live leaderboard, so there's no waiting around once you've crossed the finish line.

Scroll down for pricing. To arrange a demo, contact Chris at [email protected]


Runners receive wristbands

At race registration runners are allocated their wristband for the duration of the event.

The bands are identified using an NFC chip that correlates to their race number.

Wristbands can either be hired or purchased to be used on multiple events.


Wristbands scanned at checkpoints

Upon arriving at a checkpoint runners must touch their band on a NFC compatible phone/tablet to record a time.

The time is recorded using our iOS/Android app and uploaded to the live leaderboard.

The app can run off the phones battery and has both online and offline modes, so there is no reliance on a power source or internet connection.


View on our live leaderboard

Once scanned the times are loaded onto a leaderboard in real time for runners or spectators to view.


Please use the pricing guide below to calculate the costs for your race. To discuss further please contact Chris at [email protected]


£1.20 per runner (to hire)
£3 per runner (to purchase)

Race numbers

40p per runner
(standard Runaway design)


£150 for annual software license

This gives you access to our Android/iPhone scanning app on as many devices as you require.


£100 race set-up

This fee covers setting up your organisation and runners on our software and providing a short online training session.

Race day personal


A member of the Runaway Racing team will attend the event to help setup and make sure everything goes smoothly.

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